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Tanamera - Feminine Herbal Wash New

Tanamera - Feminine Herbal Wash

Berbagai Kegunaan :Campuran herba-herba yang kaya dengan ciri anti-bakteria dan anti-radang.Menyemb..

RM30.50 Ex Tax: RM30.50

Tanamera Brown Formulation Body Soap

Fragrant roots, turmeric, wild ginger and cinnamon are just some of the herbs that we use as activ..

RM18.00 Ex Tax: RM18.00

Tanamera Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a miracle food which is incredibly nourishing, healing, protective and..

RM40.80 Ex Tax: RM40.80

Tanamera Herbal Bath

Combination of highly aromatic herbs that refreshes, re-energizes and uplifts your mood. Deodorize..

RM30.50 Ex Tax: RM30.50

Tanamera Herbal Massage Oil

Specially concocted massage oil that is painstakingly boiled with herbs that contain these propert..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00

Tanamera Kidz Baby Full Body Massage Oil + Organic VC0

Let your baby experience your touch with Tanamera Kidz Baby Full Body Massage Oil + Organic Virgin C..

RM37.00 Ex Tax: RM37.00

Tanamera Kidz Baby Spot Massage Oil + Organic VCO

A massage a day with Tanamera Kidz Baby Spot Massage Oils + Organic Virgin Coconut Oil keeps the c..

RM23.80 Ex Tax: RM23.80

Tanamera Microwaveable Herbal Compress

A great compress made for those on the go and lack the time to prepare compresses the traditional ..

RM54.50 Ex Tax: RM54.50

Tanamera Postnatal Care Set -7%

Tanamera Postnatal Care Set

Set Bersalin Tanamera or Tanamera postnatal care set is designed according to the Traditional Malay ..

RM355.00 RM329.00 Ex Tax: RM329.00