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Malish Aria Double Electric Breast Pump -25%

Malish Aria Double Electric Breast Pump

Ultra QuietSmall and CompactStimulates for letdown  Imitates baby sucklingUses Android Cha..

RM399.00 RM299.00 Ex Tax: RM299.00

Malish Breastmilk Storage Bottles (4pcs)

Malish breastmilk storage bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP), approved by US FDA. Resea..

RM15.90 Ex Tax: RM15.90

Malish Electric Double Pump

For most mothers the easiest and most efficient way to feed your baby breast milk is usually at the ..

RM449.00 Ex Tax: RM449.00

Malish Electric Single Pump

The Malish Micro-Computer Electric Breast Pump is specially designed for nursing moms, whi..

RM250.00 Ex Tax: RM250.00

Malish Electric Sterilizer

To sterilise your feeding equipment and accessories quickly ..

RM120.00 Ex Tax: RM120.00

Malish Mango Single Electric Breast Pump

New single electric pump suitable for home and office u..

RM299.00 Ex Tax: RM299.00

Malish Milk Bag Clamp

Malish Milk Bag Clamp helps moms pump directly into a milk storage bag, eliminating the need for a b..

RM29.00 Ex Tax: RM29.00

Malish Milk Storage Bag (10oz - 25 pcs)

The Malish Save N Go Breast Milk Bags will keep milk fresh for your little one. Those 100% leak-proo..

RM13.70 Ex Tax: RM13.70

Malish Storage Bottle 4oz (3 pcs)

Malish BPA Free 4oz PP Breast Milk Bottle (3pcs)Malish ..

RM7.80 Ex Tax: RM7.80