Kidsme Food Feeder Double Pack - S (w/Pacifier)

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KIDSME FOOD FEEDER Babies drool so much around three months of age because they are growing and developing. ...

Babies drool so much around three months of age because they are growing and developing. 



o Facilitates self-feeding
Easy-to-use for parent and child
o Doubles as a teether when used with frozen food or ice
BPA-free and Phthalate-free

Ages available: 4 months up


With kidsme™ Food Feeder, your baby could actually eat by themselves.  You only need to cut up the food and put into the little silicone pocket, your baby then can taste the food safely through the specially-designed holes of the material.  While chewing, the saliva would help digest the food which facilitates the absorption of nutrients to your baby.



1. Choose the silicone sac according to the width of baby’s mouth

2. Wash and sterilize all parts before and after every use.

3. Insert the silicone sac to the ring. Pull the sac out with the “pop” sound for secure seal.

4. Use a spoon to fill up the diced or minced food in the sac.

5. Clip and clack the ring on handle.

6. Always check the food temperature before handing it to children.


1. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

2. All kidsmeTM food feeders are ready for sterilize with kidsmeTMSteam Sterilizer & Dryer.



1.      Always use this product under adult’s supervision

2.     Check all parts carefully before every use

3.     Discard at the first sign of damage or weakness

4.     This product is not microwavable

5.     Extensive boiling may damage this product

6.     Silicone sac is recommended to be replaced once a month for hygiene purpose

7.     Do not allow your children to crawl, walk or run with product on hand or in mouth

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