Convertible to a manual pump!


This set includes:


  • Autumnz BLISS Single Electric Breastpump
  • Autumnz Classique Cooler Bag
  • Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack (3 pcs)
  • Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles (4 pcs)
  • Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bags (1 box)
  • Manual Knob - to convert to Manual Breastpump (worth RM119.00)
  • Autumnz Power Bank Cable - to connect pump to a power bank

Autumnz BLISS Single Electric Breastpump comes with the following features:


2-Stage Pumping (T1 & T2) : 'stimulation' & 'pumping' stages for effective & efficient pumping

 Anti Backflow Device : To prevent milk contamination

 Convertible - Can be converted to a manual pump by attaching a manual knob (provided FREE in the pack)

 Multi Suction Levels : 5 suction levels to choose from

 LCD Display - informative time display for user

 Dual Power Source :  main electric power or batteries (FREE built-in battery casing)

 Bottle Adaptor - Free 2 bottle adaptors so can pump into wide neck or standard neck bottles

 Ultrasoft Silicone Massage Breast Shield : with comfortable massage bubbles design

 Light, Compact & Portable : only 250g and with quiet motor unit

 User Friendly: easy to assemble, use and clean


Autumnz BLISS Single Electric Breastpump comes with 2-Stage Pumping to mimic baby's natural suckling pattern.


What is 2-Stage Pumping?


While breastfeeding, babies suck in 2 very clear stages:


  •  fast and light sucking to start your milk flowing
  • slower and deeper sucking to get as much milk as quickly as possible



Autumnz BLISS Single Electric Breastpump has the following 2-Stage pumping ability to encourage higher level of milk production:


Stage 1 – Stimulation Stage (Suction 1,2,) – short & fast rhythm with lighter suction to activate milk letdown

Stage 2 – Pumping Stage (Suction 3, 4, 5) - slower rhythm with deeper suction to encourage maximum milk flow


The combination of these 2 stages will produce quicker let down and encourage milk flow.


Happy Breastfeeding!

*Comes with 1 year warranty period*

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Autumnz BLISS Single Electric Breastpump Package

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